Politics & Prose is now the local independent bookstore in three new neighborhoods, adding to their original, thirty-year strong location on Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase, by joining Busboys and Poets at our 14th & V, Takoma, and Brookland locations. In addition to running the bookshops, Politics & Prose is excited to bring additional programming to the Busboys and Poets event spaces.

Politics & Prose (P&P) is thrilled to be able to add even more events to their line-up and brings each neighborhood a range of speakers, both nationally known and locally loved. These events are run by the P&P staff and receive the full support of Busboys and Poets and of course, P&P marketing efforts.

To rent an event room at Busboys and Poets, please read Plan an Event and/or Submit Your Event Inquiry.

P&P criteria for scheduling events remains selective, so please read the Frequently Asked Questions, below:


Q: What criteria do you use to determine which events Politics & Prose will schedule and host?
A: We are looking for books that are of high quality, both in craftsmanship and scholarship.
We typically schedule events for new books within the first few weeks of publication, but we will sometimes host an event for a paperback release.
The best events are ones with the best audience. If you are a local author, or have a strong network in the metropolitan region, please let us know.
We do very few events for books that are self-published. Busboys and Poets does provide an option to rent an event space and Politics & Prose is happy to help supply books.

The above are guidelines, not hard and fast rules. If there is a compelling reason to hold an event please include it in your note. Contact us about your event at events@politics-prose.com.

Q. I have rented a space at Busboys and Poets and am planning my own book event. Can Politics & Prose work with me to order books for that event?
A: Yes! There are two options:
1. We are happy to order copies of your book assuming it is readily available from the publisher. Please be in touch about placing an order at least three weeks in advance of the event. For any late notice there will be a charge of $100 since expedited shipping or special handling may be required. The author or event host will need to determine the number of books to order. For events with more than two titles, there will be a coordinating fee of $20 per title.

2. If we aren’t able to order copies of your book from your publisher, or if you have copies of your book you’d like us to sell on your behalf, we can take books on consignment for the event. There is a $50 administrative fee to cover the costs associated with entering this into our inventory system. Please bring the books and the completed consignment form no less than two weeks in advance of the event. For any late delivery of the form and books there will be an additional $50 charge.

Q. I am having a book event (private, public, conference or other) outside of a Busboys and Poets or Politics & Prose location. Can Politics & Prose work with me to order books for that event?

A: Yes. More information about providing books for events outside of Politics & Prose or Busboys and Poets is available here.
For more information, please inquire at events@politics-prose.com