Not in the Name of Climate! Human Rights, Climate Justice, and the New Nuclear Renaissance in India
Takoma | Nicolás Guillén Room | November 30, 2017 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us for an evening with activists and experts on grassroots climate justice movements in India. The COP23 global climate summit just concluded – with corporate-friendly actors like Trump and Russia threatening to derail the Paris agreement with a dirty energy agenda. In India, Indigenous communities and environmental activists are resisting nuclear power projects promoted as climate solutions by the US, Russia, France, and Japan. With the signing of the 2008 US-India Nuclear Deal, the government of India opened its doors to a global nuclear industry hungry for new markets, touting new nuclear agreements as key to boosting development and electrifying its hinterlands.

Speakers: Kumar Sundaram is the editor of, one of the go-to sites for independent information on nuclear power in India, and just published a detailed analysis on democracy and nuclear power development. ann-elise lewallen is an associate professor at UC Santa Barbara studying Japan’s transnational reactor export agreements with India, as well as environmental justice impacts on indigenous communities. Kumar and ann-elise will discuss the climate justice movement in India and assess the new nuclear renaissance in the developing world.

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