“Elect Democracy!” Panel and Official Report Launch
5th & K | Cullen | July 11,2012 | 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
It's time to Elect Democracy for change! To do that, we need to challenge the undue influence of corporate power in Washington DC.  

Join Global Exchange as we convene a panel of speakers from organizations that are standing up to defend and reclaim our democracy by identifying and/or challenging exorbitant campaign contributions and lobbying budgets design to make elected officials prioritize corporate interests. 
Speakers from Global Exchange, Dirty Energy Money, Code Pink, and several other organizations will be working to both explain the impact of corporate campaign contributions and lobbying on their issue area, as well as proposed unique and practical ideas for moving beyond the corporate takeover.

Global Exchange’s “Elect Democracy campaign will also be releasing a report and legislative scorecard detailing the influence of Big Bank and financial sector campaign contributions on Congressional votes. 

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Free and open to all!

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