Current Exhibits at Takoma

Katie Walls

This exhibition is part of Katie Walls’ on-going project, District in the Time of Choleric, a street level look at the reactions to the Trump administration. Katie writes, “I live in Washington DC, where our local news is everyone else’s national news; where the drama of the new administration unfolds in real time; locus for protests and power players. As a documentary photographer, I record what is happening in my city and the reactions of those who live here and those who travel here to make their voices heard.”

Photographic Print
16” x 20” Framed



Busboys and Poets, The Zenith Gallery and Lake Research Partners launch RESIST - a nationally juried showcase of images from movemements of resistance around the world.  RESIST honors current resistance movements captivating the globe.  Professional artists were invited to submit works that interpret and reflect the state of our world today.  These images not only reflect the movements, but are also acts of protest in their own right.

Pictured: Justice and Equality
Joanie Landau
Mixed Media
For more information on RESIST, please contact Zenith Gallery at


Luther Wright

Live Painter, Award Winning Visual Artist,
Photographer, Body Painter and Founder
LW Arts and Design features original paintings, drawings, ceramics, prints and much more. LW Arts and Design strives to bring art, culture, social awareness and love to communities, businesses, homes and events worldwide.

Pictured: Transcend 2
Mixed Media on Canvas
24 in. x 36 in.


Brendan L. Smith

Brendan _ Takoma
Ghosts in the Machine is a new series of mixed-media artwork that explores our unhealthy obsession with personal technology. Are smartphones making us smarter or more isolated within our own worlds? We stare transfixed into electronic pools of light like Narcissus gazing at his own image. We can’t stand a 20-second elevator ride without scrambling for our phones like an addict seeking his next fix.

Pictured: Eternal Youth
Brendan Smith
Mixed Media


On One!

on one _Takoma
On One! is a series of African American Expressionist imagery I have taken from my personal selfie portraits and text messages on my phone. I have rewritten, reanalyzed and collected personal data of them from family and friends experiencing the grip of Black Lives Matter.
I wanted to share some of the cultural assimilation that is happening to our young people in this country. I’m interested in creating a history that is simple an unsophisticated, direct and immediate of true life experiences.

Pictured: On One! BOO!
Carey Ann Francis
Oil on Canvas
17 ½” x 23 ½”