Current Exhibits at Shirlington

Dorian Hamilton

Dorian Hamilton is a Washingtonian, born on Ft . Meade, MD, who has lived in Stafford, VA for 20 years. Digital art photography was initially a necessary creative outlet that became her favorite form of self-expression. Her childhood was spent as an army brat moving from place to place and made her a keen observer of people.  Changing locations and helped her develop a love of texture, culture, and nature. Her parents always lived in the community of the host country where they lived and traveled off the beaten path. All of this combines to heavily influence her art today.

Pictured: Memories, Regrets
11” x 17” (2016)
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We The People
July 2017 – October 2017
Busboys and Poets, The Zenith Gallery and Lake Research Partners launch RESIST - a nationally juried showcase of images from movements of resistance around the world.  RESIST  honors current resistance movements captivating the globe.  Professional artists were invited to submit works that interpret and reflect the state of our world today.  These images not only reflect the movements, but are also acts of protest in their own right.

Pictured:We the People
Sandi Parker
Painting, 24” x 18”
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Marily Mojica

I was born in New York to Puerto Rican parents and I am Nuyorican. Spanish is my first language and art is my passion. I am a self taught artist and prefer acrylic as my medium.  I also dabble in oil and there is always some element of collage in my work . My paintings tell stories.  Much like the artist Frida Kahlo, I paint what I feel and use art to communicate with people about things that matter to me. I like for my work to engage the viewer, evoke emotions.

I work hard at developing paintings that tell a story. Sometimes the stories are not happy ones. I leave a lot of room for interpretation . My art is not meant to exclude anyone.  I am inspired by many things; my emotions , environment, by words , color , people ,objects and nature. Everything serves as a muse.

Pictured: Baila Frida
Collage, 18” x 22”


Muslims for American Progress (MAP) Project

Shirlington MAP

Today, issues surrounding American Muslims are central in our political discourse, policy debates and popular culture. Yet most Americans say they don’t know a Muslim and, according to media content analysis, more than 80% of media coverage of Islam and Muslims in the United States is negative. This opens the door for a narrow media image to distort public perceptions of this diverse community.

The Muslims for American Progress (MAP) Project educates the public by providing a much-needed, evidence-based portrait of a deeply misunderstood community.

Pictured:  Saleem Khalid
Photographed by Marisol Dorantes

For more information, visit the MAP website