Current Exhibits at Shirlington

Summer 2011 – Spring 2012

Aura Lani K.

Aura Lani K. was born in Honolulu, Hawaii to an American father and a Japanese mother. Vibrant colors and crisp lines and edges are part of her unique style, which is influenced by Maxfield Parrish, Alphonse Mucha, and Chiho Aoshima. Besides art, her passions are for the wellbeing of all people, animals and our environment. Contact

Michael Walker

Michael Walker embraced the ideals of expressionist and abstract art largely because of their inherent abilities to express the psychology of the artist through composition, texture and color on the two-dimensional plane of canvas. Contact

Tim Rodgers

Tim Rodgers, Jr. is a DC-based artist and designer who currently works as Marketing Coordinator for Little Lights Urban Ministries. As a member of Albus Cavus, he explores new ways to improve people’s lives in the District through creative expression and art. His colorful “downers” are fascinating characters, all with their own names, personalities and expressive hidden stories. Contact