Current Exhibits at Hyattsville

Cara Peterson

Cara is an active feminist and lover of words.  She created this collection of two toned linoleum prints with messages in collaged magazine letters as a colorful celebration of the strong, creative, openly vulnerable, badass women who have, and still do, contribute to the mission of intersectional gender equality.  With the result of this past year’s election, she felt it important to create a reminder of all the strong women that have contributed to the progress of our nation.

Pictured:  Audre Lorde
Linoleum Print and Collage
11” x 14”



Today, issues surrounding American Muslims are central in our political discourse, policy debates and popular culture. Yet most Americans say they don’t know a Muslim and, according to media content analysis, more than 80% of media coverage of Islam and Muslims in the United States is negative. This opens the door for a narrow media image to distort public perceptions of this diverse community.

The Muslims for American Progress (MAP) Project educates the public by providing a much-needed, evidence-based portrait of a deeply misunderstood community.

Pictured:  Fatime Kebe
Photographed by Marisol Dorantes
For more information, visit the MAP website


Annie Riker

Annie Riker
Annie Riker is an illustrator, hand letterer, graphic designer, photographer (and whatever else you can add “er” to in the art world. Her style is organic, curious, playful, upbeat and uplifting, often infused with a bit of wit and humor.  She is especially inspired by anything in nature, tea, coffee, traveling, cameras, dancing, yoga, cupcakes and bicycles.

Pictured: FryCycle
8 ½” x 11”