Current Exhibits at 14th &V

Sacred Activism


Sacred Activism
unveils the diverse practices and traditions that empower grassroots activits to risk their lives for justice in Washington, DC.  Each image is an enlarged screenprint of a hand-drawn portrait depicting a local activist with the sacred object, or in the sacred pose, that sustains their spirit.  The accompanying phrases are sacred mantras that guide their everyday fight for a more beautiful and just world.  This exhibit is a collaboration between artists at The Sanctuaries, a sacred and diverse community of artists and activists in Washingtron, DC.

Pictured:  Dia
Carla Argueta, Illustrator
Erik Martinez Resly, Screenprinter

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Muslims for American Progress (MAP) Project

Today, issues surrounding American Muslims are central in our political discourse, policy debates and popular culture. Yet most Americans say they don’t know a Muslim and, according to media content analysis, more than 80% of media coverage of Islam and Muslims in the United States is negative. This opens the door for a narrow media image to distort public perceptions of this diverse community.

The Muslims for American Progress (MAP) Project educates the public by providing a much-needed, evidence-based portrait of a deeply misunderstood community.

Pictured:  Rashida Tlaib
Photographed by Marisol Dorantes

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