Submit a donation request

Busboys and Poets gives generously to a variety of organizations all working to make our world a better, more equitable place. A significant portion of our community contributions support local groups working toward a bright future for us all. Many organizations are eligible for donations from Busboys and Poets. Please carefully read the donation guidelines before submitting a request.

Donation Requests must:

•  detail how the donation will benefit the organization and local community
•  include a copy of the organization’s 501c3 (Non-profit Status) and/or tax-exemption identification number.
•  include a program outline if an auction/raffle item is requested (i.e. gift card)


•  requests are approved on a case-by-case basis
•  a window of 14-21 days is required for review and processing
•  requests are reviewed in the order in which they are received
•  event space donations are made at times determined not to interfere with our normal business activities; Sunday through Wednesday only
•  gift card donations are generally made in the amount of $25.00 (for silent auctions or fundraising purposes)
•  food donations are generally appetizers (i.e. hummus and pita), and are made to serve no more than 25 people
•  we do not donate beverages of any kind
•  donation limit of once per year per organization
•  we normally do not donate cash, and requires owner’s approval
•  we do not donate percentages of revenue (i.e. dinner sales)